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Nutrition done differently...

Recommended by 180+ health professionals - Zooki Ⓡ Lipo-shield supplements is all about great taste and high impact. Zooki uses natural lipids designed to shield, protect and deliver nutrients into your system. Product of UK, Zooki received Over 10,000 reviews, multi-award winning, sold globally and also featured in Forbes, GQ, ELLE, The Times and many more along the way. We're on a mission to make the world a healthier and happier place through great tasting nutrients that actually work. Our range includes vitamin C, collagen, turmeric and hair care etc.



180位健康專家推薦服用 dr sarah zooki  脂質體 營養補充劑

Sarah Carolides MA MPhil (Cantab) D.ION (Dist), CISN

英國頂尖的功能醫學和營養專家 | 劍橋大學本科和研究生科學學位

" Zooki 與其他同類產品不同, 因為它具有很高的吸收性 。

Dr Nina Bal BDS GDC

Body Fixers 和 ITV This Morning 節目中屢獲殊榮的星級醫療美容師

"一種突破性的膠原蛋白飲料... 適合任何希望保持或恢復年輕 、水潤皮膚和健康身體的人 我現在向我的每一位患者推薦它, 其是如果他們超過25歲。"